The conversation starts with you.

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Modeled after Dolley Madison’s White House gatherings of the early 1800’s,  Dolley Madison Dinners brings together socially minded citizens for a lively salon-style conversation about topics of political and cultural interest.  Guests will prepare for the evening by previewing  a selection of media at home — a news article, editorial or video provided in advance by the host.   When guests arrive, they will be treated to a social atmosphere, filled with good food,  good company, and good conversation, concluding with a Dolley-Style dollop of ice cream so that everyone returns to their  homes in good cheer!

Be part of a national conversation about what matters most in America.

Although it has been over 200 years since the Madison presidency, Dolley’s instinct to foster civility and bipartisanship is still relevant today.  Watch this clip about partisan politics of the 1800’s  from PBS, American Experience: